March 7th, 2019 -- Three Island School students follow PADI dive instructor, Alex Robertson, as they complete their Open Water Certification during SCUBA week.


February 1st, 2019 -- Following the successful harvest of 69 tilapia from the closed-loop aquaponics system at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, members of the Food Security Team scale and filet the fish. The tilapia will be served at a community dinner, along with salad and vegetables grown on the community farm.


June 5th, 2019 -- Students lie back on the limestone bluffs at High Rock, pausing to reflect on their connection to place in an activity led by Island School Dean of Students, Ashley Waldorf.


May 16th, 2019 -- Emma Rohrer, a Spring '19 Island School student, warmly embraces her brother upon his arrival during Parents Weekend.


Apri 15th, 2019 -- Island School faculty and staff prepare for their upcoming week-long expeditions with some sailing training.


March 21st, 2019 -- Jawanza Small, a researcher with the EXERP project, uses tweezers to collect epibionts (small organisms that live on the surface of other organisms) from a barracuda that was caught on the pelagic longline. After taking down data, all of which is done in the water, the fish will be released.


June 5th, 2019 -- Ella Buchanan relaxes in the shallow waters found at the sand bar on Community Day.


May 9th, 2019 -- Island School students participate in campus chores a few mornings every week. Here, Sophia Moore, and fellow classmates, work alongside the facilities team to turn old wooden pallets into fencing.


May 9th, 2019 -- Tired but contented, students lounge on palm fronds in the bed of a tractor having completed the arduous task of removing the low-hanging branches to help maintain tree health around campus.


April 25th, 2019 -- Dr. Nathan Robinson works alongside his green sea turtle research team on his signature "Turtlecam" project. Scientists at CEI use a type of epoxy adhesive that corrodes after a matter of hours, such that the floating camera will fall off and can be retrieved for data analysis.


March 11th, 2019 -- Jules Holland, a member of the Exuma Sound Ecological Research Project, prepares bait on a longline hook. The project aims to assess the biodiversity found in the Exuma Sound, so that researchers can assess and lobby for appropriate fishing regulations.


May 2nd, 2019 -- Taking a break from conducting transect surveys of the biodiversity found in mangrove swamps and coastal wetlands, a visiting student from the Browning School floats in Paige Creek.


April 9th, 2019 -- Lily Haines, a coral reef biologist and researcher with the Perry Institute for Marine Science and Cape Eleuthera Institute, prepares to fragment minute pieces of staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis). She will outplant these pieces in situ, and monitor their growth in varying conditions, to determine how best to regrow imperiled reefs in The Bahamas and beyond.


May 17th, 2019 -- Countering the dreary marine layer, students surge forward as an impetuous wave on their morning run-swim at the Island School.


May 31st, 2019 -- Ben Tolpa climbs out of the water at boat house cut, following a celebratory dip in the ocean. Having successfully presented their semester-long research projects, students jumped into the water en masse.


April 25th, 2019 -- An intern at the Cape Eleuthera Institute holds a green sea turtle so that researchers can take measurements of the carapace length and width. Students from a visiting school program look on.